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Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer
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Product Code : T1F1
Product Description

The Tumble Dryer that we provide to our customers is widely used in the laundry and dry cleaning sectors. This is widely demanded as it uses cool air to accurately and efficiently refresh a variety of different garments. It is very easy to operate and the door opens easily for the seamless loading and unloading of garments. Further, the clever design of this dryer ensures low energy consumption in the case of a smaller load. We provide our Tumble Dryer in various different specifications according to the needs of our customers.

A clothes dryer, tumble dryer, or drying machine is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing and other textiles, usually shortly after they are washed in a washing machine. The name Tumble Dryer comes from the Tumble action of Rotating Drum. It uses hot air from Heat Exchanger to reduce moisture and dry the clothes. The Heat Exchanger uses Electricity, Gas or Oil to heat the air. The inner drum Tumble on both sides for faster drying and collects the lint in a lint filter made of steel mesh. The drying time and efficiency of Tumbler depends on its aerodynamic design, CFM and mode of heat source. Perccare make Tumbler Dryers are aerodynamic and its blower design produce more cfm to dry the clothes in a min. possible time.
World Class Product at unbelivable price.

  • Export Quality with competitive pricing.
  • Heavy duty machinery at reasonable price.

Aerodynamic clothes dryer for max. energy saving.

Technical specifications and product information are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and subject to change without notice.

Additional Options: Consult factory or Distributor.

2,000 Btu’s are required to evaporate one pound of water. If you have 50 pounds of water to evaporate, you need 100,000 Btu’s of heat to do it. A dryer with a rating of 125,000 Btu/hr will take 48 minutes to dry the linens. A dryer with a 325,000 Btu/hr will take a little over 18 minutes to completely dry the linens.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel drum in SS304 Grade.
  • User Adjustable Temp. control for both heaters/steam coils.
  • Reverse/Forward Auto timed.
  • Zero Lint at exhaust with SS micro filtration.
  • Aerodynamic design for fast Humidity reduction.
  • Heavy Duty C channel frame for longer life.
  • Air Chamber insulation for lesser heat loss.
  • Double Blower for more CFM.

Optional features:

  • Steam heating coils or Electric Heaters.
  • HMI with Touch screen controls
  • Inverter drive for Softer cage movement.
  • Input / Output Humidity check
  • Phase failure detection
  • Stainless steel outer covers
  • Lint filter signal
  • Air re-circulating system



PTM 25 /PTS 25

PTM 50/PTS 50

PTM 70 /PTS 70

PTM100 /PTS100

Max Capacity (Dry weight)

kg. (lbs)

25 (55)

50 (110)

70 (154)

100 (220)

Basket Diameter

mm (in.)

965 (38)

1270 (50)

1425 (56)

1550 (61)

Basket Depth

mm (in.)

685 (27)


915 (36)

1068 (42)

Basket Volume

cu.m (cu.ft)

0.50 (17.67)

0.96 (34)

1.4 (50.5)

2 (70.94)

Blower Motor

Kw (HP)

1.1 (1.5)

1.5 (2) x 2

1.5 (2) x 2

2.2(3) x 2

Basket Motor

Kw (HP)

1.1 (1.5)

1.5 (2)

2.2 (3)

2.2 (3)

Machine Height

mm (in.)

1880 (74)

2160 (85)

2260 (89)

2385 (94)

Machine Depth

mm (in.)

1220 (48)

1630 (64)


2032 (80)

Machine Width

mm (in.)

1120 (44)

1530 (60)


1828 (72)

Air Flow

cmm (cfm)




Door Opening

mm (in.)

560 (22)



915 (36)

Drying Speed






Steam Required per hr. (approx.)

Kg (lbs)





Electric Heaters for Drying





Trade Information
  • Main Domestic Market
  • North India